The holy angels, especially our Guardian Angels, are involved in every aspect of our spiritual lives. "From its beginning to death human life is surrounded by their watchful care and intercession" (CCC 336). The Opus Angelorum has been publishing for many years spiritual meditations considering different aspects of the spiritual life lived in union and collaboration with the holy angels.

Advent 2016

The Secrets of Fatima

1. The Importance and Relevance of the Fatima Message

In a few months' time we will be celebrating the one hundredth anniversary of the Fatima apparitions: The apparitions of our Blessed Mother to three shepherd children in a remote village of Portugal during the spring and summer months of 1917.These apparitions have profoundly affected and influenced the course of the twentieth century. If Mary's requests had been heeded, we would be living in a quite a different world today. Moreover, since her message is perennial, it is likewise the question of the "tomorrow" we may choose or fail to choose to hand down to the next generations. It is, therefore, worth our while to review the events that happened there and to ponder their significance for our times.

In particular, we want to review in this article the so-called three "secrets" of Fatima. More specifically, we want to examine the Third Secret, not only because it has profound significance for our times, but also because of its teachings on the angels.

Before we can begin our study of this topic, though, we must first be aware of the fact that the Three Secrets were revealed to Sr. Lucy and her two cousins all at once during one big panoramic vision that was granted to them by the Blessed Mother on July 13th of 1917 at the Cova de Iria in Fatima.

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Recent Meditations

The Angels and the Divine Mercy - Part 1

The holy Church directs her prayers frequently to the "Almighty and ever-living God," to God Who is infinitely perfect and holy. At other times the Church's prayer begins, "Grant graciously, almighty and merciful God." Thus the Church emphasizes our relationship (and that of all creation) with Him, as well as His infinite power and wisdom, His paternal care and patience. The ultimate root behind all His communication with the creatures is love which marks His very nature as One God in Three Persons. Read More

The Angels and the Divine Mercy - Part 2

JESUS - Justice to the Father and Mercy to Man

Mercy is easily misunderstood. While it does not forget justice, it goes beyond its requirements. This becomes visible in the greatest act of Divine love, the Incarnation, yet not simply in this, that the Son of God became man, but rather in that this Incarnate GOD was sent to be the victim Lamb, the holocaust for our sins. There is still discussion as to whether He would have done it, if man had not fallen into sin. More important is the fact that He became man, first to satisfy justice in relation to the Father to Whom He has made infinite satisfaction for all the faults of mankind of all times; and second to manifest mercy in relation to mankind which He won through His expiatory Passion and Death. Read More

The Angels and the Divine Mercy - Part 3

The Holy Angels our Good Samaritans

This year, the Holy Father reminds us in a special way of Jesus' request: "Be merciful even as your Father is merciful" (Lk 6:36). What does it mean to "be merciful"? The common understanding is to have compassion which moves one to help another in need.

When we get to our limits, when—due to a problem—we cannot sleep at night, when we don't know the answer to the child's question, when we don't know how to get reconciled with a sibling, … we then look and call for help. And whom do we call? Of course, someone who can help, someone who has both the wisdom and power to find and help implement a solution. We do not call a mechanic if we need food nor go to a dentist when the car breaks down. Read More

Questions and Answers on Spiritual Warfare

1. What is Spiritual Warfare?

Spiritual warfare is the battle that we must undertake daily in order to defend, or re-conquer the Kingdom of Christ’s love, life and wisdom in our hearts and lives. It is fought on various fronts:

1. The struggle against the “flesh” refers to the innate inclination to sin within us that are consequent upon original sin and our own personal sins. This battle involves our need to overcome vicious habits through the practice of virtue, particularly those of temperance, chastity and patience.

2. Then there is the struggle against the “world”, which in the cultural, moral, social and political realms forms a deceitful sense that this present life is the end-all and be-all of everything. Read More

Commonly Asked Questions on the Angels

We receive many questions about the angels both through the mail and at the retreats and missions that we preach around the country. Therefore, we wish to present the most frequently asked questions, in order to make the responses available to all our readers. We hope that this will help our readers to deepen and strengthen their knowledge and love for the holy angels and, consequently, experience their powerful assistance more effectively in their lives.

1. Should we give a name to our Guardian Angel?

The short answer to this most asked of all questions about the angels is simply "no." For the Congregation for the Divine Worship and the Sacraments of the Vatican stated in the document The Directory on Popular Piety and the Liturgy of 2001, that "the practice of assigning names to the holy angels should be discouraged, except in the cases of St. Gabriel, St. Raphael, and St. Michael, whose names are contained in Holy Scripture" (217).

We do well to reflect, then, that the term "Holy Guardian Angel" expresses very deeply our bond to the angel assigned to us by God for life. For just as there is only one woman and one man in this whole world who can respond to us when we say, "Mom" or "Dad", so too in all the choirs of angels, there is only one angel who can respond to us when we cry out, "Holy Guardian Angel, help me!" Read More

Past Meditations