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The priests of the Order of the Holy Cross give Opus Angelorum® Retreats across the country. In order that more people may have the opportunity to gain from these spiritual conferences, these retreats are recorded, arranged into thematic sets and made available for purchase.

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Conferences on Angels

Consecration to the Holy Angels

Fr. William Wagner, ORC

The theological foundation for the Consecration to the Holy Angels was approved for use in the OA by Cardinal Ratzinger in 2000. By consecration to them, we can grow in our union with God and collaborate with the angels for the needs of the Church.

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Conferences on the Spiritual Life

The Seven Facets of Faith

Fr. William Wagner, ORC

Without faith, we can neither hope nor love. We put our faith not in formulas, but in the realities behind the formulas, God Himself. By faith we cling to God. Yet for it to bear fruit, we must not only believe, we must live our faith in truth and love.

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Conferences on the Eucharist

The Blessed Trinity and the Eucharist
in Light of St. Therese

Fr. William Wagner, ORC

Fr. Wagner considers the profundity of the doctrine of St. Therese in relation to the traditional theological teaching of the Church on the Blessed Trinity and the Holy Eucharist.

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Conferences on Confession

Confession and Compunction of Heart

Fr. Basil Nortz, ORC

Confession is one of the most powerful tools of the spiritual life. These talks concern practical guides for making a good confession and the need for continual conversion in order to grow in holiness.

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Conferences on the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Mystery of the Immaculate Heart

Fr. William Wagner, ORC

Mary is intimately connected to the mystery of salvation. Created immaculate, her heart was the first to accept the will of God to the Incarnation. She opens our hearts as well to receive the wisdom and grace of God's merciful love.

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Conferences on Prayer

"Lord, Teach Me to Pray!"

Fr. Titus Kieninger, ORC

By the four traditional steps of reading, meditation, prayer and contemplation we advance in contemplative love in the presence of God, especially in adoration. Mary and the angels give us an example for the practice of each step.

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Conferences on Saints

Angels in the Lives of the Saints

Fr. Matthew Hincks, ORC

Many of the saints mention their very personal relationship with their Guardian Angel or other holy angels. Here, Fr. Hincks shows the influence of the Holy Angels on the spiritual lives of 3 great saints: St. Paul, St. Therese of Lisieux and St. Faustina.

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Conference on Music

Music and Morality

Fr. Basil Nortz, ORC

What is wrong with Rock Music? Music can be a most powerful element in disposing a person toward virtue or vice. These talks give clear reasons why music has long been considered a key factor in the moral formation of the young. They are addressed to both parents and youth.

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