Angels Stories

The Work of the Holy Angels is not meant to be merely an abstract study of the angels, but an intimate collaboration with the holy angels as we live out in daily life our vocation and mission in the Church. For this reason, we want to provide our readers with some real life experiences of the help and intervention of the holy angels in the lives of OA members and of others. Although we should never seek out or pray for supernatural experiences, these testimonies can help to strengthen our faith in the hidden presence and powerful influence of the holy angels on our daily lives. We need only to call upon them more frequently and with greater faith

Guardian Angel Stories

I grew up praying to my Guardian Angel every night and I never "outgrew" this important practice. For my own family, I faithfully beseech my children's and my husband's Guardian Angels every day by praying the Guardian Angel prayer one time for each of them, "Angel of God, [family member's name] guardian dear…", inserting the family member's name where it fits. A recent family experience confirmed for me the importance of this practice.

My son celebrated a major college milestone by going skydiving for the first time with some friends. Despite the company having 20 years of safely helping people experience this sport, my motherly concerns were in high gear. We spoke to him while on the way to Mass – and just before he boarded the plane – and everyone prayed to his Guardian Angel at Mass for his safety. Independently of this, his brother was also praying at Mass almost 300 miles from our location. The priest gave an excellent homily about us not having any idea when God will call us home…and yes, our son called us after Mass and began with, "Mom, I'm calling before you see this on the news."

All of his friends made their jump, with my son being the last one to leave the plane (in fact, he was the last jump of the day). He came safely to earth and then turned to see the plane suddenly point straight downward and nose dive straight into the earth. The young pilot tragically died on impact and we grieve for him and his family. An investigation determined that the engine failed right after my son jumped from the plane. At that point, the pilot lost control and crashed.

We believe God and our son's Guardian Angel intervened in saving our son and his friends. Interestingly enough, our other son was in a motorcycle accident one week prior to this event and walked away with only minor injuries. I asked both of my sons to please let their guardian angels have some rest!

Donna J.

I was having a conversation with my dad. It was about obtaining material wealth and working hard towards that goal. I tried to explain to him from stories in the Bible that the love of "gold" is not good. I gave the example of the time when the Israelites lost their focus on God and created their own god, Baal. This angered God. I also gave my dad the example of our Lord, Who was poor Himself.

Despite my best efforts of trying to convince my dad that material wealth is not the highest good to obtain, he kept insisting that maybe "God desires it". I was saddened by this. Our conversation was going nowhere, and I started to feel more and more uncomfortable. So, I began to pray in my heart to my guardian angel that he may stop this fruitless conversation. In an instant there was SILENCE! After a few minutes of silence the conversation changed almost very naturally into other more helpful subjects. I knew in my heart that my Guardian Angel had achieved this change.

In the Philippines, there is a saying that when there is sudden silence in the middle of a conversation, and no one has more to say, that "an angel is passing by". I know now from experience that that statement is true. I was in so much awe of what I experienced that I could hardly sleep. I became keenly aware of the "spiritual world" and that there is truly a battle going on between good and evil. I am so thankful for the gift of faith and for my Guardian Angel. I pray to God every day that my angel will converse with my dad's guardian angel to keep him close to God and protect him from evil.


My husband has asbestos in his lungs and is on oxygen full time. He was very angry and very difficult to deal with. At night I prayed on my knees and asked my Guardian Angel to talk to his Guardian Angel to help me. The result was miraculous! Soon afterward his attitude changed much for the better. I know my Guardian Angel helped me. I feel him near me all the time.

Joanne P.

On December 31, 2014, my son Joseph David, four months old at that time, was admitted to the Hamad Medical Centre Hospital, Al Wakrah ,Qatar, with a 101 degree fever. He also had eczema. Suddenly his leg also became swollen and red. The nurses were trying to find his vein to do a blood test. But they were perplexed since they could not find his vein. My wife and I started praying, calling out to Jesus to help us. We were also continuously praying the Hail Mary. After some time the nurses pricked and found the vein. Immediately they asked me whether or not I was a pastor. We said that I was not, but that we were praying in faith. They said it was due to prayers they could find the baby's vein. Praise God! The Lord heard our prayer and sent His angel to guide the nurses. The subsequent blood test revealed that my son had an infection and, consequently, was given antibiotics. The fever and swelling soon vanished and he is very well now.

Daniel D.

I thank God everyday for the loving protection of our Guardian Angels

I am very grateful to God for blessing me with my Guardian Angel. He has protected me many times throughout my life. I have a Guardian Angel story that involves my Angel and that of my three children.

It was a snowy day in February, the year was 1989, and after picking up the children from school we drove about three miles into town for banking and groceries. The bank teller at the drive through said "Drive carefully," and as I finished my transaction, I assured her that I would.

As I said, it had snowed earlier in the day, but by early afternoon the sun had started to melt some of the snow. Unfortunately it was less than an hour when the temperature dropped and the melted snow began to freeze. After our groceries were purchased we started our drive back home. As I rounded a sharp turn which was shaded by large fir trees my left front tire suddenly slid on black ice.

The roadway, which had appeared wet to me, was a sheet of ice. My first reaction was certainly the wrong one as I slammed on the brakes and turned sharply to the left! The vehicle I was driving at the time was a 1975 Toyota LandCruiser. The LandCruiser rolled over and into a deep ditch with the front end facing the opposite direction in which we were traveling. We were sitting top side up, but at a very steep angle. My two older children were buckled up in the rear of the vehicle. My youngest son was in the front passenger seat. The top was torn off of the LandCruiser, the windshield and the right front passenger window and door were broken and mangled. My youngest son, without my knowing, had removed his seat belt before we left the store.

As our vehicle started to roll I could see the roadway coming up to my side window. I cried out "Oh God" as I gripped the steering wheel with all my strength. As we landed back on our wheels I could hear my two children who were seated in the back. My daughter was crying hysterically and my son was moaning. They both had received bumps on their heads from the roll-bar. Thankfully their injuries were not life threatening.

As I looked to my right I could not see my son in his seat! I looked up and saw his lifeless body hanging over the broken and mangled window/door frame. I took off my seat belt and tried to extract him from the broken frame. We were sitting at such a steep angle that I could not leverage him down. He wasn't moving or speaking. Very soon a large, helpful gentleman was able to remove my son from the broken frame and place him in the passenger seat. My son had sustained lacerations to the side of his head and a cut tendon on the top of his left wrist.

As my son's injuries were made known, and as he was not yet speaking, my daughter began saying "Is he going to die, is he going to die!!!" I said "NO, he is NOT GOING TO DIE!"

David and all of us survived that horrible accident because God was Gracious and heard my cry. Sometime later, months later, my son, David, said to me. Thank you mom for putting your arms around me and holding me in my seat! I was astonished. I had wondered why he was not thrown out and crushed under the vehicle as it rolled! I told him that I would have put my arms around him and held him if it had been possible, but it could only have been his Guardian Angel that he felt holding him in place.

The only injury I sustained was a slight cut to my finger when I put my hand in my pocket that was full of glass from the broken windshield.

I thank God everyday for the loving protection of our Guardian Angels.

~Ida C

Thank her Guardian Angel

About one year ago my family was watching my daughter run in a high school cross country race in California. At the end of the race, we watched in horror as she collapsed at the finish line. My husband and I are both physicians, so as we ran to the medical tent where she had been carried, the worst thoughts came to us. I saw the medical staff carry her lifeless body to the tent. My husband would share later that he feared she had suffered a fatal heart attack or arrhythmia. The next few minutes were horrendous, watching the staff resuscitate her. I briefly stepped away from the stretcher to update her coaches who were just outside the medical tent. As I walked back to my daughter, about 30 feet from her, I suddenly was stopped. I couldn’t move as if someone was holding me. No one was directly next to me, but I was prevented from moving. And then I “heard” a voice tell me to thank her Guardian Angel.

The last time I had ever thought about the Guardian Angels was over thirty years ago, in my bedroom as a young child, right after reciting the Guardian Angel prayer. The force holding me and the voice in my mind was too powerful, so I obliged and thanked the Guardian Angel of my dear daughter.

Immediately, I looked at her stretcher a few feet in front of me and saw the most beautiful sight. Surrounding her were the most beautiful beings. I can’t put into words, nor could I ever fully describe the radiant light and the powerful presence around her. Suddenly an overwhelming feeling of love and peace came over me. I knew my daughter would be ok. Had I not been so hurried to return to her, I would have fallen to my knees in adoration for I knew I was in the presence of the holy. That image of my daughter in the care of supernatural beings of light was all I needed to assure me she is cared for. The experience lasted but a few seconds, but it was a vision into eternity. It was pure gift. And indeed my daughter awoke slowly, and recovered completely.

As any good scientist, I needed confirmation of what I saw, and I needed to understand. The next day was Sunday Mass, September 29, the feast of the Holy Archangels! On the drive home from work, that week, on EWTN was the familiar voice of Mother Angelica who explains the role of … the Guardian Angels. “Ok, I’m getting the message,” I thought. The next time I was able to attend daily Mass, I arrived with a deep desire to thank God for bringing my daughter back to life. I didn’t have any words to offer God that morning, so I asked that the Mass be my offering of thanks; it was October 2nd, the feast of the Guardian Angels. Yes, I had my confirmation. And I knew, I had my first real encounter with one of the greatest gifts God has given to me, the angels.

One week later I happened to be able to attend a series of talks given by the priests with Opus Sanctorum Angelorum. Since that time, I have come to realize in such a real way that I have been given a great gift, a relationship with my Guardian Angel and with all of God’s heavenly beings. I now invite my Guardian Angel to be with me in a special way at each Mass and with many of my daily tasks. My husband and I came to see that our children are not ours, they are God’s children, given to us to care for while on we are on earth. I am not in control, but God and his angels are. What more do I need?

~Deborah R.

Inspired to Pray

Years ago my husband and I were in a movie theater engrossed in the movie, when suddenly I was inspired to pray, so I did. The feeling was so unexpected and strong, that I stopped watching the screen, closed my eyes and turned my attention to prayer as I felt directed to do. Then I had peace and wondered what that was all about.

When we returned home, my, then, teenaged daughter couldn't wait to tell us what had happened. She said she was comfortably seated in an easy chair in the family room, reading a book. Then the phone rang, so she reluctantly got out of the chair to answer it. As soon as she was out of the chair, a large and heavy sound unit that had been on the highest shelf in a built-in bookcase, fell onto the every spot she had occupied just seconds before.

The light came on for me and I immediately understood why I was prodded to pray. My daughter and I remember this incident with thanksgiving to the angels to this day!

~ Joann N.

Blessed Peter Faber

Blessed Peter Faber, who was a member of the "Society of Jesus" (Jesuits), worked in the 16th century as retreat master and preacher. One important character trait in his spiritual life was his fervent devotion to the holy angels. St. Francis de Sales mentions him in his "Philothea" - Introduction to the Devout Life, as an example of fervent devotion and cooperation with the holy angels:

"Seek to be familiar with the Angels; learn to realize that they are continually present, although invisible. Especially, love and revere the Guardian Angel of the Diocese in which you live, those of the friends who surround you, and your own. Commune with them frequently, join in their songs of praise, and seek their protection and help in all you do, spiritual or temporal.

That pious man, Peter Faber, the first companion of Saint Ignatius, and the first priest, first preacher and first theological teacher of the Company of the Jesuits, who was a native of our Diocese, once passing through this country on his way from Germany, (where he had been laboring for God's Glory,) told how great comfort he had found as he went among places infested with heresy in communing with the Guardian Angels thereof, whose help had often preserved him from danger, and softened hearts to receive the faith. He spoke with such earnestness, that a lady who, when quite young, heard him, was so impressed, that she repeated his words to me only four years ago, sixty years after their utterance, with the utmost feeling."

Pope Benedict and his Guardian Angel

In this section we generally cite stories from our readers or others who have experienced the extraordinary help or protection of their angels in daily life, such as protection from car accidents, or help in their studies or relationships, etc. This time, however, we would like to cite an instance where the angel did not help¸ or at least, did not help in the way we would have expected or had hoped. While on vacation this past July in Northern Italy, Pope Benedict fell and fractured his wrist. The Holy Father had hoped to use this small bit of free time in the midst of his heavy schedule to work on the 2nd volume of his book, Jesus of Nazareth. Later, on thanking law enforcement officers for being "like angels" to him when he tripped, he commented: "Unfortunately, my own guardian angel did not prevent my injury, certainly following superior orders. Perhaps the Lord wanted to teach me more patience and humility, give me more time for prayer and meditation" (Catholic New Agency, online). Though seemingly just a quip, the Holy Father teaches us here a lesson about the holy angels. While they love us dearly and are concerned both for our spiritual and physical needs, they are more concerned about our spiritual advancement than our physical or material well-being. They often educate us by allowing us to suffer, in accordance with God's holy will, through trials and discomforts so that we may grow spiritually in one or the other virtue.

Padre Pio mentions a similar situation when he was being brutally attacked by the devil. Several times he called on his Guardian Angel to come to his aid, but he was left alone—or so he thought. Later, his Guardian Angel appeared to him as if nothing had happened. Padre Pio was so angry, he relates, he could not even look the angel in the eye! "Where were you?!!" he complained bitterly. The angel, who had been present the whole time, was hurt that he was so misunderstood, and forcing Padre Pio to look him in the eye, he went on to say: "Give thanks to Jesus that He treats you as one chosen to follow Him closely up the ascent to Calvary. I behold with joy and interior emotion, O soul entrusted to my care by Jesus, how Jesus treats you. Do you think that I would be as happy if I did not see you so thrashed? I, who in holy charity desire greatly your advantage, delight to see you ever more in such a state. Jesus permits these assaults of the devil because His divine mercy endears you to Himself, and He wants to make you like unto Himself in the anguish of the desert, of the Garden (Gethsemani) and of the Cross" (Letter to his spiritual director, Letters Vol. I, 112). Of course we naturally feel the angel should be "on our side", and he is. But often, we do not understand the ways of God nor really know what is good for us. The angel reads this will from the heart of God and transmits it always lovingly and faithfully to us, though he too may have to suffer in seeing us, whom he so loves, suffer for a time, yet not without giving us the necessary strength to persevere and to grow. How grateful must we always be to this best and truest of friends!

Saved from a Fall

Recently I was climbing up a mountain in Wicklow on a very windy day with my son-in-law. Coming near the top there was a very strong breeze. We braced ourselves against the breeze, but a severe gust of wind blew me off the track and I fell. My son-in-law tried to catch me to no avail. I rolled over and over and suddenly I stopped rolling and had a severe pain in my ankle.

My boot had got caught between two rocks and this is what stopped me. I looked over my shoulder and had a drop of about 15 feet down onto large boulders and into a stream coming down the mountain. I was extremely lucky. My guardian angel was working overtime.

Thank you Holy Angels!

Dear Sister, I wanted to share with you what I believe is a story of protection by our Guardian Angels. Today, my husband, my son, and some friends were working on a large barn shed in the back yard. I had been praying to their guardian angels throughout the day for their safety due to the possible dangers that were present in this construction project. I even casually mentioned to all of them to pray to their angels, too.

After six or so hours, my youngest daughter, Catherine, came into the house to report that "Kevin's leg almost got sawed!" My husband was using a circular saw to cut a large sheet of wood. Kevin, Jr. was standing way too close; my husband of course yelled to him to move. But before he moved, the saw had already cut his jeans AND his underclothing. Miraculously, his skin was untouched!! I immediately believed it was heavenly intercession. Some might think it was just a close call, but I think our heavenly helpers protected him from injury. Thank you Holy Angels!

~Chris P.

Guardian Angel Prayer

My friend's son was scheduled to leave for the Marine Corps on Sunday at 4 pm. It was a very difficult separation for her, so last week I sent her the angel story on the Opus Angelorum website about the mother who prayed short, informal prayers to her Guardian Angel daily for her daughter in the army. She would pray, "I know, Guardian Angel, you don't really have wings, but I like to imagine your wings surrounding her with my love." During the day she would also ask him to please help her daughter to do whatever she was doing at that moment no matter what it was.

Saturday night my friend's son went to a party with a friend who was on leave from the Marines, and afterwards three of them went out drinking. My friend's son was in the front passenger seat of the car. That night, my friend woke up at 3:30 am and prayed the Guardian Angel prayer I had sent her from the OA website for her son, just as the mother had prayer for her daughter. At the same time, the young men were in a auto accident. They crashed into a telephone pole, hit a fire hydrant, hit a metro parks sign that was on two ten foot poles, the car flipped and landed back on its wheels. The door on the passenger side was ripped off. They all had seatbelts on but only the airbag for the driver was deployed. All three boys walked away from the accident. A policeman witnessed the accident so ambulances were called right away. Two were treated and released, and her son was admitted for a short time for observation and then also discharged.

He told his mother that later, the driver and his mother had returned to the scene of the accident, went to see the vehicle which was totaled, and called him to fill him in. None could believe that the three of them are still alive and essentially uninjured. She shared the story of her prayer for him at 3:30 am. She then offered her Holy Mass and Communion in thanksgiving to her Guardian Angel for protecting all three of them.

Michael, Michael of the Morn

In the Korean War, an American solider named Michael experienced the extraordinary assistance of his patron saint, to whom he had prayed every day since his youth for protection. Below is paraphrased a letter to his mother, which was verified by the Marine Chaplain.

He and his company went out on patrol on a foggy wintry, day. A new soldier had joined the group and marched alongside Michael. He turned to him and said, "I have never seen you before. I thought I knew every man in the outfit.""I just joined at the last minute," he replied. "The name is Michael." "Is that so?" I said surprised. "That's MY name, too!" "I know," he said...and then went on... "Michael, Michael, of the morning..."

Those were the beginning words of his daily prayer to St. Michael; how could this new soldier know his name and much less that he said this prayer?! Still, he had taught the prayer to the other soldiers… perhaps, this was the reason for his knowing it.

They walked in silence for a time, and then the new Michael warned: "We are going to have some trouble up ahead."

They got separated from the rest of the troops in the fog; it began to snow. Later the fog lifted, the snow stopped and the sun came out. They walked over a little hill, and there were seven communist soldiers waiting for them with raised rifles 30-40 yards away. Our Michael shouted, "Get down!" and threw himself on the ground just as they shot, but the new Michael was still standing there. He should have been killed instantly.

Our Michael got up to save his inexperienced new friend, but as he did so, he was wounded in the chest. All he could remember were Michael's strong arms around him, laying him on the ground. He looked up and now saw St. Michael standing there in a blaze of glory, his face shining like the sun. He had a sword in his hand that flashed with a million lights!

That was the last thing our Michael saw; he passed out. When he awoke, his own group of soldiers was around him, attending to his wound. He asked them where Michael was. But nobody had seen this new soldier Michael. Moreover, the sergeant had seen that our Michael was walking alone.

For their part, they wanted to know how he had done it. What were they talking about? They wanted to know how he had managed to kill all seven of the enemy troops without firing a shot. They had all been dispatched with the stroke of a sword.

She felt arms around her

Here's a story from a good friend of mine: Her twenty year old daughter, Angela, was recently in a terrible car accident due to a failure in an electrical mechanism. As she was driving up a steep road in a rural area and the road began to turn, her SUV's steering wheel locked. She rolled three times down a hill. When the women driving behind her called 911, the operator asked her to go and see if the driver of the car was alive. She responded that there was no sense in checking; the person could not have survived a crash like that. Angela, however, managed to climb out of the vehicle without anything wrong with her! Her mother was working in the hospital at the time and she heard the sirens go off, as her cell phone began to ring. It was her daughter. Angela told her mother she had had an accident, but she was okay. The sirens had been for her. She related that as the vehicle began to roll, she felt arms around her, holding her. Her mother said, "Angela has always had a very good guardian angel!".

~ Marie C

You do Well to Marvel

One of the Fathers related how a certain Bishop had heard that two men of his flock were disgraceful adulterers, and he asked God to show him if this were true. So after the consecration of the Offering, when they both came up for Communion, he looked carefully at the faces of each one. The faces of sinners always appeared to him as black as charcoal, with bloodshot eyes. Others always appeared with clear faces dressed in white garments. Moreover, after receiving the Body of the Lord, the features of some seemed to be lit up, while the others in flames.

In order to find out if it was true that the two men had committed the crime, he observed when giving Communion and saw that the face of one of them was fair and honest and the other's face was black and ugly. And as the grace of the Divine Mysteries began to take effect, he saw a beam of light illumine the face of the one, while flames burnt all over the other. The Bishop prayed that he might know the meaning of what he had been shown about each one. And an Angel of the Lord came and stood beside him.

"Everything that you have heard about them is true," he said. "But one of them persists in his disgrace and is determined to go on sinning. That is why you saw that his face was black and all in flames. The other has also done exactly as you have heard, but you saw his face illumined with a clear light. For it is recorded that he has renounced those evil deeds which he formerly committed. With tears and groans, he has begged pardon from God and promised that if his sins might be forgiven, he would not commit them again. So his former sins have been wiped out, and he has come into that state of grace which you have seen."

"I marvel," said the Bishop, "that the grace of God has not only rescued this man from the torments due to such a disgraceful life, but that it has already rewarded him with such honor."

"You do well to marvel," said the Angel, "for you are only human, but your God and ours is naturally good and kind to those who cease from their sins. Those who come to Him in Confession He not only forgives, but crowns with honor. For God so loved mankind that He gave His only begotten Son for sinners, and for sinners He gave Him up to death (Jn 3:16). While we were yet sinners He chose to die for us (Rom 5:8), so how much more must He love us when we have become His own! Know, therefore, that there is no human sin which can extinguish the love of God, if only each one can wipe out his past evils by penitence. For the Lord is merciful; He knows how strong the passions are and how strong and malicious the devil is. He cares for His children when they fall into sin and offers them amendment of life. He has compassion on those who are slow to repent, but when He has loosed them from their sins, He bestows upon them the rewards of the righteous."

Nocturnal First Aid

This story occurred during the Great Depression in the early 1930’s in Chicago.It was told to me by a priest, Dr. Brown’s brother.

In the wee hours of the morning Dr. Brown was jarred from sleep by the insistent ringing of the phone. He remembers groggily groping for the receiver; a husky, strained voice implored: "Is this Dr. Brown?" "Yes, I am he." "Could you come quickly? It’s urgent, a matter of life and death!" "Yes, I’ll come. Where do you live?" "Seventeen Alan Street, please, come quickly."

Dr. Brown dressed quickly, got his things together and was soon headed off to Alan Street; how lonely it was traveling alone through the dark streets at night. The neighborhood towards which he drove was on the "far side of the tracks", where even during the day one might not feel too comfortable walking around.

Dr. Brown found the house easily enough, a single residence; only it was peculiar that no lights were on. He went to the door and knocked; after a pause, he knocked again. Still there was no answer. His third knock, however, elicited a gruff response, "Who’s there?" "It’s Dr. Brown. I received an urgent call for medical help. Is this seventeen Alan Street?" "Yes it is, but nobody called you, get out of here!"

As he withdrew, he scanned the street searchingly for lights that might indicate where his help was really needed. Seeing none, he reproached himself again, thinking he had failed to jot down the right street number. Or perhaps, it was just a bad prank. In any case, there was nothing he could do but return home. And as there was no follow up phone call, he simply forgot the matter in the days that ensued.

Several weeks later, though, he received another call during the day from the emergency ward at the hospital. The nurse explained that a man, a certain John Turner, who had just suffered a severe accident and was clearly dying, was begging to speak with Dr. Robert Brown. "Doctor, could you come by quickly? He doesn’t have much time. He will not tell us why he needs to speak to you."

Dr. Brown agreed to go, yet he was rather puzzled, for he knew no one by the name of John Turner. This conviction was verified by the patient, who said: "Dr. Brown, you don’t know me, but I just had to speak with you before I die and beg your forgiveness. You will recall having received a telephone call several weeks ago in the dead of the night. "Yes, I remember the call, but..."

"It was I who called you." The dying man explained: "I had had no work for months and months. I had sold everything of value in the house, and still could not feed my family. I could not bear the imploring, hungry looks in my children’s eyes. In my desperation, I resolved to call a doctor for help in the middle of the night. My plan was to kill him, take his money and sell his instruments."

Though horrified, Dr. Brown could not help but protest: "Yes, but I came, why didn’t you kill me?" "I was expecting that you would come alone, but when I saw that big, powerful young man at your side I was afraid; and so I just sent you off gruffly. Please forgive me." "Yes, of course," muttered Dr. Brown in a daze.

A cold chill had come over him; he had had no inkling that what had seemed to him like an irksome error or even a bad prank had been really such a close call with death. And even less had he suspected that his Guardian Angel (to whom he ever after attributed this intervention) had saved his life that night; for indeed, the "powerful young man" had appeared only to his would be assailant, who now dying, was imploring his forgiveness.

How awesome are the ways of God. How often our Angels preserve us from harm without our ever adverting to the fact.

The Camper and the Infant

(Santa Barbara, California 1970’s; a news report)

Don and his wife, Doris, were getting the camper ready for vacation. After checking the motor, he started up the engine and backed the camper down the driveway. At that juncture, Doris let up a blood-curdling cry. Instinctively, Don drove back forwards, thus driving over for the second time his two year old daughter who had crawled up behind the rear tire.

The child was rushed to the hospital where it was verified that she had a good many bruises, but nothing more, no broken bones!

Her Guardian Angel

A young mother well known to the Order wrote to us in April of last year:

After reading your newsletter, I was reminded of this incident and wanted to tell you about it. When my daughter was 21 months old, we were walking on the upper level of a school building. I turned my back for a few seconds and when I looked again, she was running towards a two-story flight of concrete stairs. Before I could stop her, she began to run down them and tripped. She started to fall, but before her head hit the step something caught her and slowly pushed her back to an upright position. When I arrived next to her, she was standing still. There was no possible ordinary explanation for this. Although I could not see anything, I felt a strong presence and I know it was her Guardian Angel that saved her that day.

~ Erica S.

A Terrible Car Crash

Late one evening I was driving home from a Bible study at a local Catholic Church in the city of Sacramento, California. As I approached the street on which I lived, I started making a left-hand turn; halfway through the turn I was hit by another car which had run the red light. I was not wearing my seat belt, so during the car crash I was thrown about. Suddenly, I felt someone holding me down, keeping me from flying out of the car window! Finally, the vehicle came to rest in the middle of the street. The thought came to me "get out of there before the gas tank blows!" By then I was in complete shock. I reached my hand and touched the car door and it "flew open". I jumped out of the car and fell down. I was taken to the emergency room. I had blood in my mouth and on my clothing. After a careful examination, no injuries could be found either in or on my body. I was treated for shock and sent home. I remained in bed for several days.

A few weeks later I located my car in a nearby wrecking-yard. The attendant asked if I was the driver of the car—I told him I was. He looked absolutely amazed! He showed me the car; it was totally destroyed! He asked me, "How did you get out of this car?" I told him I opened the door and got out. "Impossible!" he declared. "Look! that door is completely caved in. No one could have opened it!" Then the Scripture passage in the book of Acts came to mind where the Angel rescued Peter from jail, leading him out through a closed gate which opened by itself at the approach of the Angel. I know for sure that my Guardian Angel rescued me from injury and harm or even a possible death during the car crash!

~ Joseph G

The Abortion Mill

Once when I was 7 or 8 months pregnant and doing sidewalk counselling, I spoke with a woman going into an abortion mill. She seemed sad and said "I really wouldn't do it...." Nevertheless, she proceeded into the abortion mill. Some time later, she came out, accompanied by a man who was angry. As they were pulling out of the driveway and waiting to turn onto the street, I saw that the woman was holding a folder which likely contained "24 hour papers." Suspecting that she was being forced into an abortion, I said calmly through the open car window, "Remember, it is illegal for anyone to force a woman to have an abortion." At this, the man, who had forbidden me from speaking to them, got out of the car, fist raised in anger, yelling "I'm going to blast you"—making me wonder if he had a gun. He was storming around the car towards me. In an instant, I was filled with fear—not of the pain of the impending meeting with his fists, which I fully expected—but because of the tremendous vulnerability I sensed for my child, now quite large, in the womb. I had no way to shield her.

I immediately remembered the story from a recent OA newsletter about a Sister who, in danger of physical harm, had prayed the Sanctus, and her would-be attackers had been unable to harm her. So I closed my eyes, and holding my rosaries in front of my own baby, quietly prayed the Sanctus, making an act of will that my prayer be joined with that of all the angels in heaven adoring God. I repeated it several times. When I opened my eyes, the man and the car were gone. Onlookers told me that the woman stepped out of the car and told the man to get in the car. And he obeyed.

~ Sarah

The Young Prostitute

The following true story happened more or less four years ago. I knew a young prostitute named Miriam. She was twenty-two years old and had two daughters, the oldest being two and a half years old. Since we also work with prostitutes who desire a new life, Miriam asked that we help her. She said that she desired to return home to her family, but her "manager" told her that if she did something "so brainless" the two girls would have to remain behind. They were, after all, a great investment. Before all this happened, however, Miriam and I had had a conversation about the holy angels and we agreed that we would entrust our cause to them.

Some twenty days later, I received a message from Miriam. She was hospitalized for severe kidney spasms, but had already been released and was considering the possibility of realizing her desire: to leave that life and return to her family. She was ready to flee, but not without her daughters. She asked me if I would go to the place, offer money and take the girls. She was confident that all would go well.

The following morning, I entrusted myself once more to the holy angels and went to that awful place. The "manager" was very angry to see me and told me that I would remain in Miriam's place, in every sense; that she would strip me and force me to prostitute myself until the "Big Chief" arrived. Some "youths" drew closer and also about three men.

I ardently asked my holy angel to protect me and to pray with me the "Sanctus" which we pray during the Holy Mass. I prayed in a medium tone of voice and felt secure. The "manager" tried to touch me but, there being a distance between us of about twenty centimeters, more or less, she was unable to move. Irritated, she shouted at me to stop "saying that thing", because "something" was holding her back. For forty five minutes she shouted and threatened, but couldn't move herself. Finally after help arrived she fled terrified, shouting that I stop "saying that thing."Thus, we were able to remove the children and give them to their mother, helping all three to return to their family.

When It Is Nine-Thirty (December, 2005)

Fr. Gerard Stegmiller, Der Schutzengelpater Erzählt, Kral-Verlag, p. 14

On the occasion of a parish Mission, a woman from a neighboring town sought out one of the priests. "Father, your counsel to call upon the holy Guardian Angels of those around us has already worked! My husband used to go to a bar pretty frequently. Usually, he came home drunk late in the night. Then I heard your counsel: "If a husband goes out to a bar, then the wife at home should greet and ask for help from his Guardian Angel and the Guardian Angels of his friends." Right away I followed your counsel.

For a while now, my husband has been coming home at 10 o'clock, and he's not drunk. Finally he said to me, "I just don't know what it is. At 9:30, I always get restless and uneasy. It drives me crazy: the beer doesn't taste good anymore, I don't get along with my friends anymore. It's as if someone wanted to drive me out. Something must be wrong with my heart; I gotta go see the doctor." "No, no. You are perfectly healthy. I know you. Just come on home at a fitting time; that'll be medicine enough for you."

Then the woman said to the priest, "I'm sure that uneasiness comes from his Guardian Angel. Whenever he went to the bar, I prayed the sorrowful mysteries of the Rosary in honor of his Guardian Angel and the Guardian Angels of all those in the bar, so that my husband would be healed and not turn into a drunk."

The Thief

(From Rev. A.M. Weigl, Schutzengelgeschichten, Grignion Verlag, Altötting, p. 64 ff.)

Many people know of angelic interventions only in relation to emergency situations, as for example in street accidents. But the holy angels concern themselves even more with our spiritual well-being, though we do not always recognize their loving solicitude. In the following story, both dimensions of their solicitous help are united.

On August 16, 1936, a thief paid a "visit" to the owner of a leather factory, Herman Moebius, who lived in a small town on a lake in Germany. Herman's four year old daughter, Helga, was sleeping in the nursery. The thief, Frederick Metzler, who had already been arrested several times for stealing, entered through the back garden, climbed up onto the balcony and entered the window on the second floor of the home. He broke into a desk and two cabinets, and looted a few jewels of no particular value. Suddenly, little Helga stood before the thief in her pajamas.

"What are you doing?" the child asked. (This is what the thief later recounted to the police.) "I'm looking for the jewels that your Mommy must have somewhere around here." "Mommy's jewels?" repeated the little girl. "They are where Daddy keeps his money." "And where does your Daddy keep his money?" "I'm not going to tell you," answered the little one, "I bet you're a thief!" Then the thief shook the child by the shoulders and threatened, "If you don't tell me where your Daddy keeps his money, I'll slit your throat!" "You aren't allowed to do that," said little Helga. "Oh yeah! Why can't I do it?" "My Guardian Angel won't let you." "And where do you have your Guardian Angel, huh?" Helga led the thief into her small nursery and pointed to the picture of the Guardian Angel on the wall. "I always pray to him," the child remarked. Then the thief felt his eyes moisten. There rose up in him memories of his own childhood, memories of his mother who had died so long ago… Hadn't he also had such a Guardian Angel hanging over his poor little cot?

"Okay," said the thief and left the room. He kicked aside with disdain the pile of stolen jewels which were ready to be packed up. Then he climbed down from the balcony back into the garden, without having taken anything with him. At that point, he was overtaken and arrested by the police. Only later was Metzler's explanation confirmed by the testimony of the child and by the abandoned loot.

A Trip to Nigeria

Travel in Africa can be very dangerous because of the armed robbers who lurk on the out-of-the way roads between towns. A bus ride can be a life-threatening situation. Our Sisters of the Holy Cross, when they are stationed in other continents, have permission to visit home every three years. Sr. Maria E., while stationed in Brazil had permission to visit her family in Nigeria. This usually entails three days of travel. After an overnight flight from São Paolo, she needed to take an all day bus trip to another town, before she could make arrangements to get to her own village. The bus system in Africa is very different from the buses in America. They are not marked, neither the times nor the destination. A bit confused, Sister began to pray to her Guardian Angel. A man came up to her who was also seeking the same bus. So she invited him to pray with her to the Guardian Angels. A short time later, a bus driver came up to them and announced he would be leaving for their destination. They were very happy, and thanking their good angels, entered the bus.

At the beginning of the ride, Sister asked and found out that all on the bus but one Christian man were Catholic. With his permission, therefore, she invited all to pray a Rosary in honor of the angels for a safe trip. All agreed to pray with her because, as was said, bus travel was known to be dangerous. While they were still praying the Rosary, however, the bus came to a stop. They had broken down. Another bus came and passed them by while they sat waiting for the driver to fix the bus. As it turns out, they sat there all day until 5 o'clock in the evening until the bus was fixed. All were more than a little disgruntled, and asked Sister, "We were praying to the angels, why did they let this happen?" Sister could only respond, "God only knows", and they continued their trip, praying the Rosary again.

When they arrived the next morning at the town, they saw all the people from the other bus which had passed them by and from a bus which had left earlier. They were all badly shaken and weeping. Both buses had been stopped by robbers, and they were lucky to have escaped alive, though losing all they had with them. Then all from Sister's bus understood, the angels had allowed them to break down until they were out of danger. They thanked God and the holy angels for their safe trip.

My Daughter joined the Army

Last July, my 18 year old daughter joined the army. Having only two children, when she left, my heart felt as if it was being torn from my breast. During basic training, the only communication we were allowed was by writing and an occasional phone call. I knew she was lonely and very homesick. Again, my heart felt like breaking. She was all I could think about and I worried all day long, from the time I woke until the time I fell asleep. I knew all I could do was pray for her and I felt the best way to do that was to pray to her holy angel and mine. Having a relationship with my angel, my prayers weren't so much formal, but rather a pleading with him to please go to my daughter and take my love to her. I would ask him to bless her and even kiss her good night for me. Also, I would say to him, "I know you don't really have wings, but I like to imagine your wings surrounding her with my love". During the day I would ask him to please help her do whatever she was doing at that moment no matter what it was.

So this is how I passed the nine weeks of basic training. In October, we went to her graduation. We were having a conversation and she said to me, "Mom, you don't understand what has been happening to me. At night when I go to bed, I feel cradled in love, and during the day sometimes when I prayed, I felt everything get easier." When she said that, I think I went into shock. I always knew my angel was answering my prayers, you see, but I didn't expect to get such a confirmation! Thanks be to the good God! It reminds me of the angel Raphael when he said to Tobias, "When you prayed with tears, I offered your prayer to the Lord" (cf. Tobit 12:12). Not only did the good God answer my prayers, but He let me know He answered them. Thanks to the holy angels!

~ Paula Z

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